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    This form is provided for the exclusive purpose of allowing users to submit topic, content, or format suggestions to BIS for the 2019 Annual Conference.

    The Bureau of Industry and Security, Office of Exporter Services, is preparing for the 2019 Annual Conference on Export Controls and Policy. We hope to host the conference in late spring or early summer but do not have firm dates yet. We are in the process of developing a proposed agenda, and would like to solicit your input. We invite you to provide your recommendations regarding content or format for 2019’s conference agenda, breakout sessions, plenary sessions, special workshops or forums, and roundtable discussion topics. If you recommend a topic, please also identify any relevant agencies you would like to see invited, and/or appropriate panel moderators and speakers.

    We would appreciate your input as soon as possible. To refresh your memory about last year’s topics and speakers, you may view the 2018 Annual Conference materials on our website at:


    or the 2017 conference program summary from the website’s “Online Training Room” under the Compliance and Training tab on the top toolbar, found at:


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