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Q.6: I am trying to understand what “solely” for United States Government use means in the context of paragraph (b)(2)(iii)(A). For example, if a contractor who maintains a supply and repair depot for off-road vehicles used by USAID will use parts and components that are to be exported to a contractor solely for the use of maintaining and repairing those off-road vehicles for USAID, would that be within the scope of paragraph (b)(2)(iii)(A) even though the parts and components are not consigned to USAID and are being used by the contractor?

A.6: If the contractor will use those parts and components solely for uses specific to the U.S. Government, such as repairing off-road vehicles for USAID, then such uses would be within the scope of the term "solely for United States Government end use" for purposes of paragraph (b)(2)(iii)(A).


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