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The manufacturer of the aircraft, the Lockheed Martin Corporation, and the Department of State have confirmed that all models and versions of both types of aircraft are within the scope of USML Category VIII(a)(14) (22 CFR § 121.1). This means that parts, components, accessories, and attachments for use in or with the C-130 or L-100/L-382 aircraft that are not enumerated or otherwise described on the USML are controlled under ECCN 9A610.x, or if specifically identified in 9A610.y, controlled under 9A610.y, unless one of the release provisions in paragraph (b) to the EAR's definition of "specially designed" applies (15 CFR § 772.1). In addition, the Rolls Royce 501 D engine used on L-100/L-382 aircraft and other aircraft in production controlled under ECCN 9A991, is controlled under ECCN 9A991.d. Parts common to the T-56 military engine used on the C-130 and other military aircraft and the 501 D used on the L-100/L-382 aircraft are also controlled under ECCN 9A991.d.

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